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Since 1978, UMS has given children from 2-6 years a deeply-rooted Montessori education. 
Now, we are offering more.

UMS is expanding to include a lower elementary class for ages 6-9. We are excited to provide an environment which caters to the active imagination and reasoning mind of the growing child. Here we present cosmic education to the child in which the creation of the universe, life on earth, and humanity unfold in a great drama before their eyes. The Primary-aged child is moving from an understanding of the physical world to an understanding of abstract concepts. Dr Montessori provides diverse and creative passages to abstraction. The prepared environment including mathematics, grammar, reading, writing, geometry, botany, science, zoology, history and geography enable the child to not only learn skills and concepts, but to experience the inherent beauty and order of each discipline. 

Just as in Pre-Primary, the child in a Montessori classroom has the same teacher for three years. A teacher who has a child for three years gains an intimate knowledge of the child, which is seldom possible in a one-year classroom relationship. The teacher is keenly tuned in to the unique personality of each child so can direct each child into areas of natural interest. The children work with specialists in Art, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Music, Physical Education and Spanish. 

“An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking; it involves the spiritual development of man, the enhancement of his values as an individual, and the preparation of young people to understand the times in which they live.” Dr Maria Montessori

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